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let's have a coffee

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We identify

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We offer

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Product Manager
Product Owner
Scrum Master

Defines the scope of your Project and the deliverables to be handed to the development team. Outlines a vision of the product, creates and implement an agile strategy to bring it to reality. The fundamental task is to coordinate each engineering team and provide guidance from the initial planning stage to the final product release.ns.

Responsible for the optimization and maximization of the product value. Product flow Management through the Product Backlog. The product owner’s fundamental task is to serve as spokesperson between the stakeholders and Project sponsors. 

Owner of managing the Scrum process,  overcomes barriers that delays the delivery of your product and responsible to arrange necessary meetings and events as well as mentoring, training and coaching functions.

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  • We’re part of your team, we bring adaptability to your needs and schedule
  • Software agnostic: We use cutting edge software to bring the Best results to your team and adapt to your working tools.
  • Payment on demand: Pay only for the effective worked hours.
  • Guarantee that our talents and skills Will be part of your team.

Yes, We are software Agnostic!



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